How to care for your crystals

I understand that many of those who buy a crystal or two from me will be brand new to the crystal world- and that is awesome! I hope your journey is exciting and rewarding. 

However, looking after your crystals is an important part of practice. I would highly recommend investing in The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall (there are currently 3 volumes) so you have a full collection of crystals that are potentially toxic/soluble to hand. I will always pop a warning note in your package if you buy any that I am are aware of that are seen as toxic or soluble in your order. Please don't let this frighten you, it's just my way of saying please don't eat or crush the crystals. Enjoy them as specimens, hold them, and let them shine.

I recommend giving your crystals a little cleanse after you buy them, just so they're ready to solely work with your energy. However, I do cleanse and (where specified) charge/channel them for purpose.


Cleansing your crystals:

Most crystals, even if they are toxic to some degree (and most are, but they are a low level), are generally okay to be rinsed gently under a tap or left in a bowl of water in moonlight.* Just ensure you dispose of the water carefully, dry your crystals on a clean towel or cloth, and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. If you intend to keep the water for ritualistic/spell work purpose, ensure you label it clearly and keep it somewhere safe. 

 *(I speak from 20 years experience, however, if you decide to to do this it is at your own risk and I cannot be held responsible).

-Most people don't have the luxury of living near a holy/sacred well, but if you do, obtaining water from these sites with permission can be a real treat for your crystals to be cleansed in. 

-If there is a thunderstorm, round up your 'go to' crystals and let the elements take course. Thunderstorms are excellent for cleansing and recharging your crystals at the same time. 

-Waving your crystal in the smoke of burning herbs, incense or even a candle flame is an affective and fast way of cleansing your crystals. 

Charging your crystals:

-Leaving your crystals out on your preferred moon phase (full for potential and wholeness, waning for release etc) is a good way to charge your crystals for specific use. You can leave them in a bowl of water overnight or just on the windowsill.

-To charge your crystals, there is nothing better than the hot rays of the sun for full vitality and strength. An hour or two is all that's required, anything longer may compromise the colour of some crystals over time (such as Amethyst or Citrine).

-Some crystals and minerals have the ability to cleanse and charge other crystals, without it affecting the crystal itself. 

Getting to know your crystals:

This is a different process for everyone. Some people like to sit and meditate, to feel the crystals vibrations tingling in their hand and to see if any visualisations come to them. I find this method to be very useful for crystal divination work. Others carry the crystal with them, in their bra or pocket, as a lucky charm or talisman. And then some people simply begin using them as part of their everyday life. I recommend the latter, incorporating them into your lifestyle and seeing how it affects your emotional wellbeing is an interesting experiment!

I hope this helps!