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I have had a few readings with Mozinah, and each time I have been amazed at the specific detail she picks up on and her intuition reading the cards. After each reading, I have seen the accuracy of these readings unfold as time has passed and the little details expressed, fall into place.  I wouldn’t go to just anyone for a reading. I trust Mozinah’s readings, their accuracy, the detail she picks up on and the honesty she provides. -JR, Essex

I was very fortunate to have lovely and truthful reading with this lovely lady in Ballyclare. I was 'blown away' by how accurate she was regarding my current life situations, and she gave me an insight into what I need to focus in going forward. Truly a gifted lady and her lovely, warm, gentle mannerisms put me at ease immediately! Now, if anyone is having any doubts about a reading my advice is just go for it!! I am so pleased I did!!! Thanks very much Mozinah! x- Mary, Northern Ireland

I had an amazing reading by Mozinah today in Ballyclare. I havent had my cards read in years, but straight off the get go she got me. She seen that I am struggling with a major event in my life, that very few people know about, and it was relieving to get some clarity from her on this and what direction to take. It's different from the reading I had many moons ago. The question I asked was so funny.. "Patio doors" she said. Lol! No one would know that! Very impressed with her and her calming style of reading. Will definitely be booking in again, with my friend hopefully next time too. -Max, Northern Ireland

I had a reading from Mozinah on Saturday in Ballyclare, and I am blown away by all the information that made so much sense to me. It was really eye opening to hear someone else say what I already knew, and the entire experience was amazing. From learning my astrology chart, and how so much of it makes sense and is in line with my personality. I would recommend this to anyone. Mozinah is the loveliest genuine person and has a warmth aura around her and was so welcoming!- S, Northern Ireland

Readings I've had this past year have been fantastic and beautiful. - Charlotte, Essex

So helpful, thank you so much. Our readings were spot on. - Chloe and Mac, Suffolk

I had a great reading. It was very informative and in depth. - Lou, UK

Cant recommend Mozinah enough, her readings have always been spot on. -Lizzy, UK

Mozinah is a very clear, thorough and talented reader. She has a unique way of reading for you by connecting to crystals most suitable to your questions (which I absolutely love) as well as using tarot and angel cards.- Raj, UK

I have had a few readings now from Mozinah and wow every time. Amazes me how accurate they are and how lovely the readings are presented. They have always given me reassurance and guidance that I need. Truly gifted and lovely person. Thank you so much Mozinah. All my love and blessings. -Natalie, UK

A company I follow recommended Mozinah to me to have a reading, I was excited and nervous. Mozinah didn't even ask many questions at all and was spot on with everything. She is a truly gifted person. Thank you, I cant wait to have another reading. -Jyoti, UK

Hey Mozinah, I've read my reading and I am blown away. I'm going to read it over again and will let you know more on how it resonates. You have a fantastic way of reading, I'm very grateful to you. Thanks so much, it's brilliant!- Anon, UK

Mozinah, Thank you so much for the fabulous reading. I was really happy with it and I felt like I got the answers that I needed. I also love that you use crystals, it makes for a unique reading. Thank you so much.-Anon, UK

Mozinah, I have to say I'm incredibly impressed by the accuracy of your reading. You have outlined some very problematic areas and some methods for me to take into consideration. Many thanks. -Charles, Essex

Mozinah, Thank you for putting me at ease. I definitely found your reading useful and I am very grateful. I also really like your style, the way you use crystals and finish with an extra card, which was by the way, so on point to the situation!-Anon, UK

Hi Mozinah, Thank you so much for my reading yesterday. I've read it over lots of times now and you've given me lots of things to think about and reflect upon. Warm wishes.-S UK

Wow, I've just read my card reading you did for me and it actually made me cry a little bit, it's so spot on its scary. Thank you so much for all the services you provide, I feel like not only have I met a wonderful lady who really knows her stuff but a wonderful beautiful soul along with it, thank you so much.-Anon, UK

Hey Mozinah, Thank you foremost for such an amazing reading with the sexual tarot deck. When I read through it I started to cry. Things I felt but didn't want to acknowledge, things I hadn't told anyone before you touched upon. You absolutely nailed how I felt. Especially with how I feel about myself and how low my self esteem is when it comes to seeing myself as sexy or beautiful. I don't feel that way at all, haven't since my operation and it was just reassuring to see what came up in the cards. You described my partner completely who has been wonderful with our intimate side even though I've been ill. You connected to me completely and it was incredible to see what came up. Thank you gorgeous goddess! -Anon, Wales

Hi Mozinah, Just wanted to say thank you very much for my reading yesterday! Makes complete sense to me. Totally amazing! Will definitely be coming back soon.-Anon, UK

Thank you for my reading. I find reading your words when you do readings for me very calming and relaxing somehow. Doesn't matter what the words are, that soothing presence is always there along with it.-Matt, Essex

Thank you so much. I viewed the house today and got my keys! Every word you said is 100% how I feel. I cried reading this reading. Thank you again-Angela

Hello Mozinah, Thank you so much for a very insightful reading. I did struggle a little to put my questions into words, so I am pleased that you were able to work with it, which is also a reflection of your fine skills as a reader. Thank you for an excellent reading. I really can relate to it well and I am impressed at how relevant your interpretation is, but I've always had faith in you. The extra card is a lovely touch. As for sword energy.. on those rare occasions when I am called upon to choose, the broadsword is my weapon of choice! Spot on my dear friend- you are wonderful. Thank you!-S, Kent

Hi Mozinah, I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a fantastic and accurate reading. I was blown away by what you picked up. I will definitely contact you again in the future.-Tracey, Essex

Mozinah, I don't think this reading could have been more relevant, perfectly timed and worded. It has filled me with a great calm. Thank you.-Anon, UK

Dear Mozinah, Thank you for your precious insights. I have to be honest with you, almost everything you said to me was more than accurate.-Anon

Mozinah, Thank you for your readings, they really get to me and give me calm and peace. Anon, UK

Hi Mozinah, Thank you for your reading. Just wanted say wow, that was quite spot on. PS the dizziness you felt might be because I was drinking last night!-Anon, UK

Hi Mozinah, I’ve had phone readings with you, for a few years now and you never cease to amaze me regarding each and every reading I have had with you. This year February I had a reading with you because I was laid off work and I was feeling slightly worried being that I am (as I would call it at the matured years of my career) I wanted to know if I would get a job. During the reading I asked will I get a job and will I find the job online? You replied “ Yes” you will be in work, however (You will not find the job online yourself). I was initially, taken aback by this statement and thought how will I find a job if not online through the job sites. You went on to say that I will get a job with a small firm and during my meet with the Manager it is important for me to standout from the rest who are seeking work with this company (you gave me tips on what I can do). You said I will get a job in six weeks. I asked about my daughter you said to keep an eye on her because she will be feeling very low. You also said something about her lung but I am not to worry she will feel much better soon. I am happy to share that everything you mentioned to me in the reading has come to fruition. Out of the blue I received a phone call from a recruiter we had a chat he setup an interview. I was offered and accepted a Job with a small firm six weeks after our phone call lol. My daughter was feeling a bit low and exhausted after giving birth, she had problems breathing but I am happy to say she was given medication and is so much better now. I appreciate you and all the guidance you have given to me over the years. Thank you Mozinah, Love -Julie 

We all have times in our lives where we need some extra information or guidance to help us navigate our lives. Some people may turn to their own card deck but I have always found myself too close to the subject for this to reveal any new insights for me. And this is where Mozinah's work really shines. There is an intensity and insight to her readings that draws me in. As well as the material world, her readings bring in psychological and spiritual elements which give me so much new information and as well as new perspectives to think about. I find her readings thought provoking, as well as really touching on the very heart of the issues I am looking for clarity on. She is able to read an inner, unexpressed part of me and I have found the themes which emerge very accurate, even if, at the time I don't fully understand them... They unfold and develop just as she says they will. Mozinah has an amazing gift, that I'm pleased to say, she has full authority over, and I think you should experience it for yourself.-K, Essex

I just wanted to say thank you for both of my recent readings - getting them come through from you is one of my favourite things and they’re always so accurate! -Eloise, Essex

Thank you for your swift and amazing reading that I can relate to and so accurate to how I’m feeling thank u so much. Kind regards-Natalie

Mozinah is an absolutely brilliant reader, warm and understanding, thorough and if on the phone, she gives lots of detail in a short space of time, in fact loads and loads of info. She is genuine and authentic, and has a great deal of knowledge, you can learn so much from her email readings as she explains the tools she is using and why. She tunes in very well in to what are complicated and complex situations and delves deep in to the psyche of those involved. Thank you Mozinah for such wonderful honest readings delivered with compassion and without judgment. -S,UK

I don’t know how Mozinah does what she does, but she’s amazing! I’ve had some spot on readings from her and will continue to contact her if I’m in need of guidance at any time. Thank you Mozinah for sharing your very special gift. -Sharon, UK

Well what can I say, this lady is fab! We've known each other for years and as soon as we spoke on the phone that first time all the way back in 2013 we immediately hit it off. She's a star! I had a reading today and Mozinah was so quick with her reply, reading was spot on and in depth. Picked up on stuff I've not really told anyone or shared on social media and gave me helpful tips and advice too about some self love and care. It was the uplift I very desperately needed. Warm, positive, down to earth and just lovely. Can't recommend enough!-J, Wales

This was the first reading that either my partner or I have had, so we weren’t at all sure what to expect. We selected the 30-minute telephone reading and were not disappointed. Mozinah began the reading with a brief explanation about how she conducts readings and some information about her experience in the role. We were pleased that Mozinah immediately made us both feel calm and at ease with her respectful and impartial manner, and provided guidance and understanding when we discussed our potential questions. Her reassuring presence made us feel comfortable and under no pressure. She then discussed our energies as a couple and our compatibility. Being initially somewhat sceptic about the concept of readings, we were both impressed that Mozinah was quickly able to describe and advise upon various significant factors of our lives that we had not disclosed to her and are not really discussed beyond close family. This is not to say that the readings were intrusive, in fact by contrast they were welcome and felt more genuine for the fact that we had not thought to raise these feelings, and were an entirely positive experience. Mozinah does not exploit one’s grief and vulnerability, but instead is able to offer useful, friendly, and accurate guidance that has already given me a different outlook on what had previously concerned me about the next twelve months, helping you to regain/retake control of situations. We both look forward to our next reading with her and highly recommend her. If you have not had a reading before, like us, then Mozinah is the person you want to see. Like us, you’ll start off curious, but soon be impressed and won’t look back. Thank you Mozinah!- Matt and Tash, Essex

When I first received Mozinah's reading I couldn't stop going through it. It gave me confirmations I was looking for. It's been some time between my reading and my testimonial, and I can say now with amazement that a lot of the things she talked about in my reading are happening now at the present moment. Having her reading helped me facing situation with more confidence and clarity as I already had time to think about them. I will definitely do another reading with Mozinah in the near future.-Georgia, China

Mozinah's reading was so spot on that I was left completely gobsmacked by it. I read it and read it times and times again, and I loved how her personality shone through her words. What I also loved was that she showed me through photos how she worked and she explained in details what she was using during the reading. The answers she gave me have helped me a lot to understand more about my present situation. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and this is not the last time I'm going to get a reading done by her! I loved it! Thank you, Mozinah, from the bottom of my heart!-Fatima, London

I have always been a little sceptical of readings, having experienced some in the past where I was simply told what I wanted to hear. However - the reading I received here could not have been further from that! The information I received was shockingly accurate! If anything, it was a little scary to be told things that no one knew about me, and also things I did not know myself. Because of this reading, I gained a completely new understanding of a certain situation, and it has allowed me to make the most of a situation I maybe would not have without this knowledge. This reading really has influenced my life in quite a dramatic way, and  I simply can not speak highly enough of Mozinah’s reading! It is also worth me saying that the atmosphere was relaxed, calm, and at no time did I feel pressured. I simply can not recommend this service enough! I only wish I had not waited until now for a reading! It was both a pleasure, and an honour, and without any doubt I will be back for another reading soon! -Rob, Cambs

I have been having readings for over 40 years, my first was when I was 9, so I know how to sift through the psychic wheat from the charlatan chaff within the esoteric wilderness of our time now. Mozinah is the finest grain there is. Her calming voice is trustworthy, her future predictions have since the reading already began to materialize with incredible accuracy. She also delved into my distant and dark past and somehow managed to pull up deeply buried weeds, then made them look like flowers, that are actually very relevant to today. I knew, that It was spirit verifying to me that she is a genuine gem of a mystic seer. She answered a burning question I had with great clarity. I was naughty, as at the last minute I threw in a tester, about an ongoing situation she knew nothing about, her answers were as if she knew about this situation well, picking up on deep feelings and indications of possible outcomes. Finally, her soothing meditative voice gave me a few precious moments of peace, as I have a demanding baby and I am physically exhausted. I cannot recommend Mozinah enough A+.-Claire, UK

Mozinah did my tarot reading over the phone- but I felt her presence in the room. I felt a flood of emotion. her reading was very accurate and already I've made progress with her help and guidance. If you're  thinking of consulting with Mozinah, stop thinking about it and do it, I'm glad I did. I feel completely at ease to go to her again for advice.-Chloe, UK

Mozinah is a wonderful lady. She is a warm person and speaks calmly which helped me to calm down. She doesn't waste anytime and I loved how she answers specific questions. -Anon, UK

Over the last three months I have had three fantastic readings with the lovely Mozinah. She is so gentle and a natural reader. She is full of information and doesn't waste time. I go to her for her honesty. She doesn't tell you what you want to hear and can show you a way forward in each outcome. I have a lot of hope and positivity from my readings with her and I will always go back to her for her amazing insight. Thank you Mozinah.-Victoria, Ireland

Last night, they were doing a headcount of all the angels in heaven. There was one big problem, the sweetest angel was missing! Thank you for everything you are my angel, would feel lost without you.- ​Anon, UK

This girl is amazing!!! So many things Mozinah has said in my readings have come true. Don't be put off by her age she proves it's just a number - she is mature and intelligent beyond her years yet still keeps the readings fun, so it's more like chatting to a friend which is what I now consider her to be. If you have never had a reading before, I can recommend Mozinah as you will get an honest, straight to the point and fun reading.- Mark, UK

What can i say, Mozinah is an "Earth Angel and a gift from heaven" Everytime I talk to her she tells me everything that's happening in my life and picks up on so much. Mozinah is so gifted beyond her age and her energy is "wow" so amazing :-) I would Highly Recommend her to anyone. Thank You so much sweetheart, - Anon,UK

Such a lovely reading with Mozinah. She made me feel comfortable and uplifted straight away after having a weird and emotional day. Not only did she tell me about love and career, she told me about friendships and about future happiness too. Very similar sense of humour so we laughed lots. I highly recommend her to anyone. She's also wise beyond her years which is lovely too. Love and hugs, will speak again soon!- Anon, UK

Just had a lovely reading with this young lady & she was very detailed with what she picked up didn't need any prompting. I will keep you updated.  -Anon, UK

Mozinah is a fabulous reader. I have had such a lovely reading from her that put the biggest smile on my face. You are such a beautiful person inside. I will definitely be coming back for another reading, as this relationship has been very challenging as you know and I need reassurance, and that is what you have done tonight. Bless you and thank you so much beautiful .- Anon, UK

Such a lovely reader. Mozinah is so easy to talk to and explains everything in such a kind way. Thanks- Anon, UK