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Divination Spoons by Steve Tatler


A Mozinah and Steve Tatler exclusive design, we are excited and proud to present to you our very own divination spoons.

Divination spoons or druid spoons have been found in scattered locations in Britain, Ireland and Northern France. A total of only 26 spoons are known and they are usually found in pairs- often near water, bogs, rivers or in graves. They appear to be made of copper alloy (bronze) and roughly date from between 800 BC to 50 AD.

We hunted high and low for a 'modern' reproduction or source. Meeting many dead ends, Mozinah called upon her friend and druidic mentor Steve to create something from scratch, based on the ancient artefacts and limited information available about the druidic spoons. This has been in the making for many months now and we are so pleased to bring you the finished product.

It is not 100% known what the original spoons were used for, therefore these reproduction spoons were designed by us for divinatory purposes.
They are made from a hard resin based material that is durable but must be treated as a fragile item. The spoons come in a hessian pouch and will come with an instruction booklet and leaflet with potential elemental divinatory meanings. It is up to you whether you mark the elements in the quadrants, we have left them blank but they are shown here for optional purposes.

We believe these make for a totally unique and intuitive way of practicing divination and remaining closer to our druidic ancestors.

We ship within the UK, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland with tracked services (please note ROI customers may need to pay additional import fees which is your responsibility)
Please make sure you read our FAQs before ordering.
Dispatch can take up to 14 working days.
These divination spoons designed remain the artistic property of Steve Tatler and Mozinah and shall not be replicated in any way without expression permission from their creators.

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