Mythical Crystal Kits

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Crystal healing has been around for a very long time. Whether you believe in their healing properties or just like to collect them, it cant be denied there is something quite magical about having crystals near you.
These beautiful specimens created by the earths natural forces and resources are often given as gifts to those in need, or as a lovely present to cheer someone up.

My crystal kits have been put together with love, time and consideration. They are inspired by my celtic roots, sabbats and popular requests over the years. Each kit comes in a burlap bag, with a small note on the crystals and their uses.
Please note you may get a mixture of rough or tumbled crystals depending on availability.

Crystal kit list:
- All roads lead to Randalstown: Crystals for those attracted to nature, trees and forest spirits. The crystal kit to my 4th poetry book.

-Bels Love (Bealtaine): Crystals for the sabbat of Bealtaine. Also doubles a general love and friendship kit.

-Brighids Peace (Imbolc): Crystals for the sabbat of Imbolc. Also doubles as a fertility and general mind, body and spirit kit.

-Dagdas Protection- Crystals for the sabbat of Samhain, and also spiritual protection.

-Danus Love: Inspired by Irelands great earth mother. A crystal kit for nurturing, fertility, and fertility/womens health. Also doubles as a crystal kit for the nervous system.

-Deirdre and Naoise: Inspired by one of Irelands saddest love stories. A crystal kit for difficult relationships, looking for a resolution and protection of their happiness. Also doubles as a past life recall kit for relationships.

-Diarmuid and Grainne: Inspired by one of Irelands best known love stories, and my favourite one. A crystal kit for complex love, desire and revealing hidden depths. Also doubles as a fertility kit.

-Eriu of Ireland: Inspired by the beautiful goddess Eriu, whom the land is named after. She is a goddess of sovereignty. A crystal kit for connecting to the land, ancestors and mysticism.

-The Hill of Tara: The resting place of high kings in Ireland, this kit is for those wishing to bring abundance, respect and focus into their lives.

-A Highlanders Love: Inspired by a very popular TV show, this kit has crystals only from Scotland, so that you can gift it to the Sassenach or Jamie in your life.

-The Holestone Ceremonies: For love, union, weddings, and partnerships.

Maeve and Reginauld: Inspired by the tragic love story born at Dunluce Castle. Useful for vision work, past life lessons, and removing mental blocks.

-Meet me at the Causeway: Crystals for the captivating north coast causeway. The crystal kit to my 1st poetry book.

-Memories of Donegal: If the beauty of Donegal has captured your heart, these crystals have been selected as a way to remember the colours and feelings of Donegal.

-Mens Health: A selection of crystals suited to the male frequency for healing.

Morrigan and CuChulainn: Inspired by the turbulent and shape-shifting elements of their story, this kit will help you deal with rejection, conflict and inspire victory.

-Night of the Druids: For mythical and ancestral inspiration, rooted in darkness and discovery.

-Solar Confidence: A set of crystals designed for confidence, happiness, and energy. Also useful for the sabbat of Lughnasadh.

-Song of the Angels: A gentle crystal kit suitable for children, light-workers, and spiritual mentors of all ages and levels.

-To Dance with you at Dunluce: Crystals for the enchanting energy of Dunluce. The crystal kit to my 2nd poetry book.

-Womens Health: A selection of crystals suited to the female frequency for healing.

All of my crystals are sourced responsibly from one supplier I have used for several years.
I cleanse and bless them before sending so you can have them ready to go, however I recommend you also do this when receiving them to attune them to you.

I ship within the UK, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland with tracked services (please note ROI customers may need to pay additional import fees which is your responsibility)
Please make sure you read my FAQs before ordering.
Dispatch can take up to 7 working days


  • Bels Love (Bealtaine)
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  • Brighids Peace (Imbolc)
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  • Dagdas Protection (Samhain)
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  • Danus Love
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  • Deirdre and Naoise
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  • Diarmuid and Grainne
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  • Eriu of Ireland
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  • The Hill of Tara
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  • A Highlanders Love
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  • The Holestone Ceremonies
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  • Maeve and Reginauld
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  • Meet me at the Causeway
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  • Memories of Donegal
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  • Mens Health
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  • Morrigan and Cuchulainn
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  • Night of the Druids
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  • Solar Confidence
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  • Song of the Angels
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  • Womens Health
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  • To Dance with you at Dunluce
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  • All roads lead to Randalstown
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