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Preseli Bluestone Runes


Tap into the ancient energy of the elder futhark runes with these beautiful rune kits. Dating back to the 4th century runic stones were usually laid as memorials to the deceased, but also tell a story of the reasoning as to why that runic stone had been laid.

In divination, the runes have symbolic meanings that can help you to interpret parts of your life through spiritual guidance.

These runes are particularly special as they combine the lore of runic and celtic mythology by using preseli blue stone from wales as the crystal.
Preseli blue stone is used in the inner ring of Stonehenge, and carries with it some very powerful spiritual energy. It connects you to your higher source of energy whilst delving into the depths of grounding and between worlds. Its a fascinating stone with a lengthy list of properties worth researching.

Preseli blue stone is only found in one location, the preseli mountains in wales. Therefore it is cosidered a rare crystal.

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