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1- Do not put your questions in the customer notes, wait for Mozinah to contact you.
2- Response time is dependant on when you book, usually 10 days.
3- Please familiarise yourself with the Terms and Conditions listed below.

(Send your questions via email and receive an audio response).

3, or 5 Question Audio Reading-
You will receive a detailed response to your specific question(s). Perfect for those of you who have specific questions and want a quick but detailed answer to them. Reading includes photographs and oracle card to summarise. No general readings, use the services listed below for those.
You can now choose angel cards in the options below for email readings if your prefer.

Tarot of Sexual Magick Spread Audio Reading-
One spread of cards using the powerful sexual magick spread, ideal for a general oversight on love, deep rooted issues and fears. Please note this tarot deck is known to really pack a punch, you've been warned!
*Not suitable for those wanting specific questions answered.*

Gustav Klimt Tarot Spread Audio Reading-
One spread of cards using the beautiful gilded klimt deck. A sensual, thought provoking deck perfect for emotionally challenging situations and love readings. *Not suitable for those wanting specific questions answered.*

Witches Tarot Spread Audio Reading-
One spread of cards using my Witches Tarot deck, suitable for all walks of life.
*Not suitable for those wanting specific questions answered.*

Oblique Strategies/Tarot Spread Audio Reading- (3 OS cards and mini tarot spread)
Designed by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt in the 1970s, this card deck was "evolved from separate observations of the principles underlying what were doing" working with "intellect catching up with intuition" amongst other possibilities. The purpose of these cards is to trust the card "even if the appropriateness is unclear."

You must be over 18 years old to use the services listed. Please provide your date of birth when asked. This is a legal obligation Mozinah must comply with.
You will be contacted once you have purchased your reading. Please make sure the e-mail address used for payment is yours as that will be the e-mail address I will contact you on.
Telephone bookings are on a date agreeable with the client. Same day readings are not available. Bookings will not be fulfilled until they are paid for.
Audio readings will be sent via email for you to download.
No readings will be conducted on the weekend and purchases made from 5pm Friday through til 10am Monday will be dealt with in order of purchase. Mozinah works 12pm-5pm for telephone readings.

​All products and services listed here or elsewhere provided by Mozinah/Mozinah the Seer are for entertainment purposes only.
​Questions on Health, Pregnancy, Financial or Legal issues may be answered however those seeking advice on the matter(s) should consult a professional.
​Mozinah/Mozinah the Seer does not conduct mediumship readings.
​All readings and guidance are to enlighten and does not interfere with the clients free will and life choices, it is up to the client how they choose to use the guidance given.
Mozinah the Seer holds no responsibility as to how you interpret or use the guidance given.